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Dr. Kerry Niebrzydowski, ND MSOM LAc

Dr. Kerry Niebrzydowski is a Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. She completed a 6 year dual degree program receiving a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and masters in oriental medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine (2008).  Prior to her medical training, she received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Michigan State University (2001) . She also completed a residency in primary care with a focus on public health in Portland, Oregon (2009). Since January of 2010, Dr.Kerry  has been in private practice and has acted as the medical director of Radiant Natural Health Clinic.  In addition, Dr. Kerry has published 2 theses, received the Making a Difference Benedict Lust award (2009) and taught anatomy in a cadaver lab for 4 years.  She is a Reiki Master and Visionary Craniosacral therapist. Other trainings include:  the year long Shun Han Lun series of Canonical Chinese Medicine, an additional 2 year course in homeopathic medicine from the New England School of homeopathy and Shonishin pediatric acupuncture as well as Si Yuan Balance Method.  She is the president of the Wisconsin Association of Naturopathic Doctors and a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Doctors.  Dr. Kerry also teaches Hatha Yoga at Bianco’s fitness center.  Additionally, Dr. Kerry completes 65 hours of continuing education annually in areas of homeopathy, Chinese and western herbal medicine, pharmacy and acupuncture.  

Naturopathic Licensing 


In terms licensing, currently,  naturopathic physicians are licensed in 14 states, Washington DC and Puerto rico. Licensed naturopathic physicians, trained as primary care providers attend a 4 year doctoral program at an accredited Naturopathic Medical school and take postdoctoral board exams.  


Dr. Niebrzydowski is a board certified naturopathic physician.  There are others who call themselves naturopathic doctors that are lay naturopaths who complete a 6 month on-line course.  There are vast differences in the level of education.  As Wisconsin and Michigan are not yet licensed for naturopathic medicine,  Dr. Niebrzydowski will not act as a primary care doctor,  she will not diagnose or treat disease per se.  


She will work closely with the patient’s primary care doctor to provide the best adjunctive care possible.  It is important in unlicensed states, to ask when shopping for a naturopath if they have gone to an accredited medical school or not.  Dr. Niebrzydowski is maintaining her license in the state of Oregon as a naturopathic physician while she is practicing in Wisconsin. Dr. Niebrzydowski has chosen to practice in Wisconsin because Michigan is not licensed for acupuncture either, She currently holds a license as an acupuncturist in Wisconsin. 

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